• If your child has one of the following it is important that your school nurse is notified immediately.
    The following are a few examples of what should be reported to your school nurse.
    1. Chicken Pox/Shingles
    2. Conjunctivitis
    3. Fifth Disease
    4. Flu & Flu like illness
    5. Lice
    6. Mononucleosis
    7. Ring-Worm
    8. Scabies
    9. Strep Throat / Scarlet Fever
    10. Bed bugs
    11. MRSA
    12. All injuries that required medical care including fractures, sutures, sprains/strains, or other.
    13. surgical procedures
    Please have your child report to the nurse's office when they return to school if they have been out with any of the above.
    Please make sure that you have them provide a medial note in regard to illness or injury.
    If your child has an injury/ illness that he or she will need the use of the elevator or special needs a note from your physician will be required.
    The following should include
    1. Name of student
    2. Diagnosis
    3. Special instructions
    4. Date to return to full activities.