• How to Develop Good Reading Stamina at Home


    Stamina is the ability to read well for prolonged periods of time. The NYS ELA exam requires students to exhibit stamina in order to perform well. Research shows that reading stamina will increase with the amount of time spent on quality reading.


    • Set aside daily time for reading. This time should lengthen as per the age of the child. Start small and gradually “build up” the time spent on daily.
    • Make reading an enjoyable family activity that involves as many family members as possible.
    • Remove distractions. Turn off televisions, radios and computers during reading time. Try to create a quiet environment.
    • Encourage children to stay focused and “on task” during reading time. Building endurance requires staying on task. The child should avoid “wandering” and remain seated.
    • Have books easily accessible in your home. Visit the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library.
    • Remember the “to, with, and by” rule. Make time to read to your child and with your child. Finally, the child needs time to read by himself/herself. If your child has difficulty reading alone, try reading every other page aloud to your child and gradually lengthen the independent reading time.