• Here is a fun game to try at home:


    Addition Solitaire



    *Your deck of cards


    Players:  This game can be played alone or with others. 




    1.           Arrange nine cards face up in three rows of three and stack the rest of the deck facedown. 


    2.           In turn, each player should pick up two or more cards that have a sum of 11 (Goal Number).  Then add cards from the pile so that there are at least nine cards at all times.  If you cannot make the sum of 11 with the cards that are down on the table, you may continue to add one at a time until you come up with a match. 


    3.           Continue to choose cards whose values add up to 11.


    4.           The game ends when all of the cards from the pile have been used and no cards remain whose numbers add up to 11. 


    5.           If you are playing with others, the player with the most cards wins. 


    Variation of the game:  You can use any number as a goal number.  Just decide before the game starts.  Once you begin, the goal number cannot be changed.