• Mr. Boyes'  Great Class
    5th Grade
    Room 14

    A Place for Learners

      Parents are encouraged to read his or her child's reading journal to monitor the remarkable growth. Students are taught to become metacognitive readers, who actively engage by interacting with the text. We create movies while we read, make predictions, and relate what we have read to our lives and our nation's history. 

    Fifth grade is the last year during which your child can truly learn how to read and compute. The focus of the year is to learn how to think. Students learn to Grab the Spoon, feed themselves while they read. Reading is an active experience and creative experience. During math, students learn all of the old fashioned tools, and then learn how to use them in the new, common-core applications. Finally, we spend a lot of time building stamina by working on individual project tailored for your child's ability. It's all about hard, hard work - but quite frankly - it's also about having a lot of fun and developing his or her self-esteem through meaningful work, pizza parties, and plenty of boxball breaks.

    Please feel free to contact me: Mboyes@hewlett-woodmere.net
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