• Dear Families, 

    Mr. Warren Levi is a parent of students at Ogden Elementary School. He owns the Warren Levi Martial Arts and Fitness Center in Cedarhust. He is always reaching out to find out how he can help students become more physically and mentally fit. He sent me the following email:


    Dear Principal Anzalone, 

    We hope you are your family are healthy and doing well. This is a challengin time and is affecting everyone. 

    We know how important physical actvity is for everyone, especially children. It benefits their body, their mind, and their emotions. Not everyone has the means to provide a physical outlet for their children and allow them to burn off their extra energy. We're asking all local schools to help out their student body and offer our free Virtual 30 minute fitness class one time a week for the next two weeks. If it goes well, we'd like to increase the days and weeks. We know everyone has different schedules, so there will be a morning session (10:30 AM) and an afternoon session (5:30 PM) on Thursdays. 

    We know that many people are going through financial hardships and hopefully even the smallest assistance will help. 

    Thank you and stay well, 

    Warren Levi


    They say that you can tell the caliber of a person during trying times and I can defintely say that Mr. Levi is an altruistic and caring human being. 


    If you are interested in having your child join, please visit the links below and get a free fitness class for 30 minutes from one of his qualified instructors.


    Kids Morning Fitness Class:

    Thursday 10:30AM https://zoom.us/j/298213530

    Thursday 5:30 PM https://zoom.us/j/661112225


    If you are having difficulty, please reach out to Mr. Levi at WarrenLeviKarate@gmail.com


    Thank you, 


    Dr. Anzalone