Dear Parents,

    In the event of an extended school closure, please access the materials below to keep your child artistically challenged at home. Thank you. 



    Mr. Finn


    Grade 2 – Make Your Own Comic

    Have you ever wanted to become a comic book artist? Would you like to be the superhero? Now, you can! Use this page to draw and write your own comic strip. Make up your own story, setting, characters and more! Use pencils, crayon or whatever you have to draw and color with. Have fun!

    Art Grade 2


    Grade 3 – Dairy of a Wimpy Kid Self-Portrait

    Animated characters have become a major part of today’s art world. Try using this worksheet to create yourself as a character from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Take your time and try a few times before creating your best one! Pencil is great for this project. Color it to if you’d like!

    Art Grade 3


    Grade 4 – Op Art Hands

    This is a fun way to learn about illusions and 3D art. I recommend you draw lightly at first and take your time. See if you can get to step 4. If you do keep going! Try this again with another object like a heart or a donut!

    Art Grade 4


    Grade 5 – Picasso Inspired Cubism Self-Portrait

    Use this worksheet to practice one of Picasso’s most famous styles called Cubism. Once you feel you got the hang of it, try making a self-portrait using a pen or very fine marker. Remember, the drawing will show multiple sides of you!

    Art Grade 5