• May 2021                                                                              DP 

    Dear Franklin Families,


    The beautiful weather has finally arrived and with beautiful weather comes the wonderful ladybug.  May’s Book of the Month, The Green Ladybug, A Book About Kindness, by Zachariah Rippee, tells the story about one unique ladybug.

    Marilyn McMona Verde, a little green ladybug, meets up with an entire group of red ladybugs and all she wants to do is play.  Unfortunately, these red ladybugs want nothing to do with Marilyn McMona Verde because she looks so weird, she’s green!  Ladybugs are red, not green.  They are shocked and frightened, and make her go away.  The little green ladybug flies away and sits all alone on a green leaf.  She couldn’t understand what had happened because she was so kind to them.  Being green shouldn’t make her different, it is kindness that counts and kindness is what saves the day!

    Happy Reading,                       


    Lorraine Smyth, Ed. D.