• April 2021                                                                     DP


    Dear Franklin Families,


    April’s Book of the Month, Can I Be Your Dog?  By Troy Cummings,

    introduces the reader to Arfy, a dog who just wants to find a home.  Arfy

    is on a mission.  He writes letters to everyone on Butternut Street.  First, is the yellow house, that has a cat that he is willing to work with.  Second, is the butcher shop, but they once had a dog that ate all the meatballs.  Arfy, wrote to the firehouse, but the position was already filled.  He even wrote to the junkyard guy, but he wasn’t interested.  His last place was the spooky house that didn’t even respond to his letter.  Arfy was so sad because he felt that no one would want him until one day he received a letter in the mail.  The letter was from someone who wanted him.  He was so excited, just wait to see who wanted him to be their dog.

    Happy Reading,                       

    Lorraine Smyth, Ed. D.