• February 2021                                                                              dp

    Dear Franklin Families,

    February’s Book of the Month is Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal: A Worldwide Cinderella, by Paul Fleischman.  In this book, the classic Cinderella tale spans across the continents. 

    The story begins the same, a lonely man marries a widow with two daughters, leaving his own daughter to tend to the house chores and losing her place in the home.  However, depending on where the story takes place, the story of Cinderella takes on many names and roles.

    In the story version from Iraq, the stepmother allows her only a few scraps of food. In Ireland, the lonely girl begins to bloom with rare beauty, while the stepmother’s own sour faced daughters would curdle milk if they looked at it twice. 

    Each country has a beautiful ball that takes place and the beautiful girl dances with a prince or a headman’s son.  No matter where Ashpet, Sootface, Cenrillon or as we know her Cinderella is from, her kindness wins in the end and she ends up living “Happily Ever After.”


     Happy Reading,                       


    Lorraine Smyth, Ed. D.