• October 2020    

    Dear Franklin Families,


    Passing on kindness is the message in October’s Book of the Month, Cara’s Kindness, by Kristi Yamaguchi. 

    Cara is an ice skating cat who is having a very difficult time finding the right music for her skating routine.  When a friend in need turns up at the rink, Cara stops what she’s doing to help him out. He was so grateful to her and all she asked from him was to “Pass on the kindness”. 

    As our story continues, each character meets another in need and all that is asked of them is to continue Cara’s message of passing on the kindness. 

    When Cara’s Skating Showcase finally arrives she is still uncertain about her music until one of her new friends surprises her with a special song he wrote just for her.  She was so happy, it meant so much to her that she had the support of all her friends and that all the caring and passing of kindness had come full circle right back to her.

    So remember, caring makes a big difference and see if you can pass a little kindness each day.


    Happy Reading,                       

    Lorraine Smyth, Ed. D.