November 2020dp


    Dear Franklin Families,

    November’s Book of the Month, A Big Mooncake for Little Star, by Grace Lin, is a beautiful original story that explains the phases of the moon through the eyes of Little Star.

    Little Star and her Mama bake the biggest most delicious Mooncake.  Little Star’s Mama reminds Little Star how long it took to bake this Mooncake and asks if she can see if it can last awhile and not to touch the Mooncake until she is told to.

    Little Star tries so hard, but each night she awakens and can’t resist just a small nibble.  Night after night Little Star tiptoes to the Big Mooncake in hopes that it is still there and it is, all alone in the sky.  Each night Little Star remembers the Big Mooncake and each night she takes a little nibble until it is no longer able to be seen in the night sky all that is left is a trail of twinkling crumbs. 

    With a smile on her face Mama asks Little Star if she ate the Big Mooncake again and Little Star nods and says “Let’s go make another one!”


    Happy Reading,                       


    Lorraine Smyth, Ed. D.