• BOOK FAIR! Oct. 19th, 20th & 21st


    Wednesday, October 19th  Day 4

    8:30-9:00        Ms. Blackburn

    9:10-9:40        Ms. Hoffman

    9:50-10:20      Ms. Kreisberg

    10:30- 11:00 Ms.Hamer                      

    11:10-11:40  Ms. Francis

    11:40-12:10   Lunch                                                            

    12:10-12:40    Ms. Guglielmi    

    12:45-1:15      Ms. McConnell

    1:20-1:50        Ms. Weiss    



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  • Thursday, October 20th  Day 5

    8:30-9:00      Ms. Hargraves/Drossman

    9:10-9:40         Ms. Yoffe

    9:50-10:20       Ms. Harrington

    10:30-11:00     Ms. Beatty    

    11:10-11:40     Ms. Bialt 

    11:40-12:10      Lunch

    12:10-12:40     Ms. Rutter

    12:50-1:20       Ms. Davison



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  • Friday, October 21st Day 6

    8:30-9:00        Mr. Johnson

    9:10-9:40        Ms. Maltz              

    9:50-10:20      Ms. Gallagher

    10:25-10:55    Ms. DePalma 

    11:00-11:30    Ms.Wise/ Ms.Bitetto

    11:30-12:00    Ms.Ward/Ms.Wamboldt

    12:15-12:45    Ms.Kufta/Ms.Hall



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  • 5th Grade Trip to

    Marine Nature Study Area

    Wednesday, October 5th

    Ms. Hargreaves Class

    Ms. Drossman Class

    Ms. Pangallo Class

    Thursday, October 6th

    Ms. Guglielmi Class

    Ms. Maltz Class

    Friday, October 7th

    Ms. Gallagher Class

    Ms. Kreisberg Class


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Hewlett Elementary School’s Vision Statement

Hewlett Elementary School is a collaborative community that fosters academic growth, supports social-emotional well-being, and encourages creative expression, while recognizing that each child is a unique learner. It is a place that strives to encourage an enthusiasm for scholarship and the desire to make the world around us a better place to live, so that all students are on a path towards leading happy, successful, purposeful lives.


Headlines & Features

  • Constitution Day

    On Friday, September 16th, students from Hewlett High School came to our school to teach our 5th graders about the Constitution in celebration of Constitution Day.

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  • NEW-Parent Notices!

    Check out our new tab above the scrolling announcements called PARENT NOTICES, click todays month and find exciting flyers and notices....

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