The Theater Sequence at Hewlett High School has proudly been named a Program of Excellence by the New York State English Council.
 Overview: The Theater Program is part of the English Department at the High School and includes five theater class electives; Modern Drama, Introduction to Theater, Theater Workshop 1/2, Theater Workshop 3/4, Theater Workshop 5/6. In these classes, which run sequentially (with the exception of Modern Drama), students are exposed to a variety of challenging topics such as improvisation, modern scene study, movement and voice, acting on camera, directing, musical theater, theater history,Shakespearean acting, and the evolution and major movements of modern drama.
The after school program, known as the Hewlett Theater Company, produces two full-length theater productions each year. The Theater Program also includes the International Thespian Society which honors students who have worked on school theater productions and works to cultivate theatrical appreciation at the high school.The Thespian Society sponsors performance opportunities such as Improv Night, Talent Show and Thespian Inductions.
The Theater program also produces the annual Senior Theater Project One-Acts (the culminating Project for all Theater students who have completed the sequence for which they can choose to direct, act in or write a performance piece), and the original Introduction to Theater class productions. The goal of the Theatre Program is to cultivate an appreciation for the art of theater and to develop the many theater skills that can also be applied to life (vocal, facial and physical expression, concentration, voice intonation, and communication skills, to name a few). The goal of the program is also to prepare anyone for pre-professional study programs and further exploration of any theater-arts -related field.