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Note: The Fundraising Links for All Schools in the district (found on the left hand side of the Central Council PTA page) are updated as and when new forms are made available.


Position Name Phone Number
Co-President Daniella Simon (917) 569-1455
Linda Kreisman 295-4661
Treasurer Stephanie DeCicco 791-0212
Recording Secretary Ros Perotta 374-0787
Corresponding Secretary Stephanie DeCicco 791-0212
Email Coordinator Santhosh Chinnappala 612-2016
Cultural Arts Sandee Leonhard 569-8215
Health & Safety Debra Sheinen 398-6249
Michele Ruvolo 374-4582
Publicity Santhosh Chinnappala 612-2016
Legislation Shari Braverman 569-4244
By-Laws Melissa Gates 791-2516
Candidates' Night Linda Kreisman 295-4661
Daniella Simon (917) 569-1455
Fundraising Coordinator Maryann Ferro 599-2444
Installation Dinner Stephanie DeCicco 791-0212
Lisa McInnes 374-0583
Debra Sheinen 398-6249
Robyn Kelstein 792-9392
Lisa Ruta 791-4586
Budget Mailing Daniella Simon (917) 569-1455
  Linda Kreisman 295-4661
Endowment Liason Maryann Ferro 599-2444
Michele Ruvolo 374-4582
Treasurer Lisa McInnes 374-0583
Mailing Daniella Simon (917) 569-1455
Linda Kreisman 295-4661
Applications Daniella Simon (917) 569-1455
Linda Kreisman 295-4661

The PTA Curriculum Committee Meetings are held at

WEC, 1 Johnson Place, 3rd floor Conference Room (unless otherwise noted).
For further details, please visit the Curriculum and Instruction Section of the district site by Clicking Here 

Other Dates to Remember

         Tuesday, May 17 - Budget Vote and Board of Education Election

 Installation Dinner - TBA